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Whether you are playing in casinos or online gambling websites, you can notice that there are many varieties of slot machines available.
Ranging from single or multi-coin slot to touch screen video machines, it is good to have a basic understanding of the different types of slot machines so you can find one that is most suitable for your gaming preference. In general, there are 3 main types of slot machines known as Progressive slots, multiplier slots and video slot machines.

Progressive slots

While progressive slots look similar to most slot machines but comes with additional feature when players stand a chance to win jackpot prize that usually range from minor, major to Grand prize.
This means that the jackpot amount will rise progressively each time the play spin the reels. Many casinos also link some of their slot machines to one another, increasing the jackpot prize if more people are playing these machines.

To explain further, every time a player spins a reel, a certain percentage (usually 3 – 15%) from the bet will be added to the jackpot prize until somebody hits it. Once hit, the jackpot prize amount will reset to the original amount and continue to grow until another player wins the jackpot again. This method is so popular that it doesn’t limited to land-based casinos but is also available to online slots players.
In general, there are 3 types of progressive slots machines available in the market as mentioned below.

In-House: The Slots machines are linked together with one another and is available inside the casino only and bind to one location.

Stand-Alone: This type of slot machines is opposite of In-House as they are independent with their own Jackpot prize which is usually smaller than the latter.

Wide-Area: Similar to In-House progressive slot machines but the slot machines can link to other machines from any locations worldwide. This concept is adopted for online slot machines and usually have the highest amount of Jackpot prize than the In-House type.

Multiplier slot machine

Multiplier slot machines are very popular in the market as compared to the rest as it offered a feature for players to multiply their winning ranging from double to even 100 times.
This feature is either based on Bonus rounds or multipliers spins that is usually trigger in free spins or bonus games while some slot machines even offer this feature during normal game play.
Symbols that trigger the multipliers are usually the Wild symbols and when combined with the right combination, the player will earn the chance to get multiplier payouts based on your betting amount.

Video slot machine

Nowadays, video slot machines are common in most casinos around the world, it usually comes with a 4 to 5 reels that allows more payline combinations, symbols and features that combined with the superior graphic, sounds and higher payouts plus other perks. It is very rare to find casinos that still has classic mechanical slot machines available these days. Also video slot machines can be link up to other machines for progressive jackpots and allow people to play online instead of going to the casino physically which simply explains why the gambling marketing is getting bigger and bigger every year on the global basis.

Slot Machines Online Last but not least, Online Slot Machines is considered to be one of the most popular and engaging casino games in the global market now.
Not only you can find many online gambling websites that is legalized and trustworthy to offer you perks and membership bonus to play their online slots.

It also provides an alternative option for people who love to play slot machines the convenience to gamble using their cell phones, tablets or laptops instead of going to the casino.
Which not only save time but also offer the convenience to play online slot machines anytime, anywhere.

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