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Other than Blackjack, three card poker is another one of the popular card games available in casino and online version.
Also known as “Tri-card Poker”, it is consider to be a quick paced in the playing style and players has a better advantage than the house including the odds and the side bonus bets.

Compared to other card games, you can easily play up to 60 – 70 hands per hour. While many casino’s payout and odds are slightly different, the house advantage is usually between 3% – 2.5% which is quite low. This means for every $10 bet, you are expected to get an average of $9.70 – $9.75.

Other than the above, Three Card poker is not a difficult game to learn and you can adopt different strategy to stand a better chance in winning the game.

Basics of Three Card Poker

As always, you can refer to the pointers below on the rules of playing Three Card Poker

  • In Three Card Poker, there dealer will always have a single deck of 52 cards which is shuffled after each hand, the goal for the player is to have a higher scoring card against the house.
  • Player can choose to bet against the dealer, bet only on the card value of his own hand or both.
  • On the table, you will see three betting circles that is “Play”, “Ante” and “Pair Plus”.
  • You will start by placing the bets on the “Ante” with the option of placing additional the same amount of bets on “Pair Plus”.
  • Once the bets are place, the dealer will start to distribute 3 cards to the players.
  • After viewing his cards, the player can choose to fold to surrender his cards to the dealer and if he thinks his cards score is too low.
  • If the player deem that his cards is good, he can continue the game by placing an additional bet (same amount as the “Ante” bet) on “Play”.
  • Once the bets is done, the dealer will first display his or her 3 cards to all the players and ask the players to reveal their cards on the table.
  • The dealer will need to have cards of Queen or higher to quality the game, if not all the players will be paid according on their bets on “Ante” and “Play”.
  • If the dealer’s card is qualified, he or she will need to compare his hand against the players to determine the winner.
  • If the player win, he will be paid on the “Ante” and “Play” bets accordingly.
  • If the dealer win, the player will lose both the “Ante” and “Play” bets.
  • The player’s “Ante” and “Play” bets will be returned to the player if it is a Tie.
  • In Three Card Poker, there are 5 types of cards ranking from highest to lowest as shown below.
  • Straight Flush – Rank one
  • Three-of-a-kind – Rank two
  • Straight – Rank three
  • Flush – Rank Four
  • Pair – Rank Five
  • In short, the higher the rank, the higher the payouts to the players.
  • If the player’s card is straight flush, three-of-a-kind or straight. He will be paid additional “Ante Bonus” on top of his standard payout.
    which the payouts are usually (5 to 1) for straight flush, (4 to 1) for three-of-a-kind and (1 to 1) for straight.
  • This means even if the player has lost the hand to the dealer, he will still be entitled for the “Ante Bonus”.
  • “Playplus” is a side bonus bet where you can receive a payout when you have a Pair or higher card ranking.
  • The payout ratio is different from the “Ante Bonus” and is much higher than the latter.
  • Straight Flush – Payout (40 to 1)
  • Three-of-a-kind – Payout (30 to 1)
  • Straight – Payout (6 to 1)
  • Flush – Payout (4 to 1)
  • Pair – Payout (1 to 1)
  • You can also bet only on “Playplus” without playing the main game and receive the winning when you have a Pair or higher card ranking.

While some casinos have included additional side bets such as “Mini Royal”, “Prime set bet”, “Millionaire Maker” and so on.
We will touch on these topics on other articles in USA Betting Club since the prime objective is to give an overview and touch on the Basics rules on this page.          

For beginners, we will recommend either you practice on any online casino website or apps that offers free play for the game before you start betting with your money.
Also limit yourself with a budget to play this game as most regulars will tell you that they will either win big or go broke within 30 mins or less

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