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The history of slot machine has come a long way since 1894 who is invented by Charles Augest Fey in 1894.
Since then, it is one of the most popular enjoyed by people all over the world. In the beginning, slot machine came in the form of bar slots such as 777 slots
which the paylines runs 3×3 in table format and if the same symbol hits horizontally in the right combination, the player will win the money accordingly to the odds stated by the machine.

With the improvement in technology, there are more variety of slot machines available that comes with digital themes combined with beautiful art display and music. Modern slot machines also include features like jackpots prize, bonus rounds and free spins. This in turn increase the excitement as you will enjoy the thrill of not knowing when you will get the opportunity to hit the next free spins or bonus rounds.

In this page, we will touch the basics and rules to give you a head start to the world of slot machines.

Basic Rules of thumb

Before we start, it is important to understand that slot machines are design in such a way that players will never know when they will hit the jackpot and win tremendous amount of money.
The reason is most if not all the slot machines are programmed using a software known as Random Number Generator or RNG in short to spin the slots. This software has the ability to calculate the payouts randomly to prevent anybody from fixing the machine. Thus, allowing Fair play to everybody.

The first rule of the thumb is before you start playing, it is advisable to set a budget that you can afford. Never push your financial limits by adding more money to the same slot machine and hope to recover your losses. Always remember that playing Slot machine is just of form of entertainment and not a “Quick scheme” to get rich overnight.

Slot machine Pay-line Simply said, a pay-line is a line that forms a winning combination to give you’re a payout. Different slot machine has different rules in pay-line combination such vertical, horizontal, diagonal or zig-zag style.
It is to note that you can find slot machines that can range from one pay-line to hundreds over. But for most machines, the player target is to hit from the minimum of three symbols onwards to activate the payline. This means that the more symbols that hit on the active pay-lines, the more you get. Another wards, the more your bet per line, the more you win.

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