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Roulette has a long history in casino as the first form is devised in the early 18th century. Also known as “little wheel” in French, it is a game where players can choose to place their bets on various options such as a single number, groups of numbers, the colors of red and black, odd or even numbers and high (19 -36 numbers) or low (1 -18 numbers).

After placing the bets, the croupier will start to spin a small metal ball in he opposite direction around the a tilted but circular track on the outer edge of the wheel.
The roulette ball will eventually stops and drops to one of the number slots  in the wheel to determine the winner.

The reason why roulette is considered as a social game in casino and easy for beginners to pick up is the fact that all you need to do is to place your bets to the numbers and wait for the croupier to spin the wheel. When it may take an average of 3-5 minutes to start the game. You can take some time to analyze the odds and also chit chat with your friends at the same time.

One thing to note that there are also other versions of roulette such as the European roulette, American roulette, French roulette, Canasta and Third Zero. The betting rules are more or less the same with the exception if Canasta which the main difference is that instead of the wheel, the balls label with different numbers are place in a bingo-style cage and a spun until one of the balls drop out of the cage. 

asics of Roulette

In the Roulette table, there is two main categories which is known as inside and outside bets.

Inside Bets

Inside Bets are bets that represent the numbers which is display in the inside of the betting area. The payouts are higher than outside bets as probability of winning is less as compared to outside bets.

There are five forms of inside bets you can play as shown below.

  • “Straight bet” – This is where you place a bet on a single number and the payout will be 36 to 1 if you hit the number.
  • “Split bet” – This is where you place the chips in between the lineof two numbers (example 4|5) to increase your chances but in return the payouts will be 17 to 1.
  • “Street bet” – As the roulette board is set in 12 rows of three numbers in vertical design, you can bet on any one of the rows which gives a payout of 12 to 1.
    * Do noted that this type of bet is not common in Europe or Asia casinos*
  • “Corner bet” – This is where you can make a bet within the zone of four numbers in the board (example: 2|3|5|6) by place the chip in the crossline between the four numbers. The payout will be 8 to 1 if you win any of the four numbers.
  • “Double Street bet” – It is similar to corner bet but you can spread the bet across two rows instead of one and the payout is 5 to 1 if you win.
    * Do noted again that this type of bet is not common in Europe or Asia casinos*

Outside Bets

Outside Bets are bets that is outside the number board which allows you to bet with higher chance of winning as the odds are better than inside bets but the payouts are less. Compared to inside bets, the chances of winning are almost 50/50 unless the ball hits the number zero or “double zero” for American Roulette board.

There are also five forms of outside bets you can play as shown below.

  • “High/Low bet” – This is where you can pick either High bet (numbers between 19 – 36) and Low bet (numbers between 1 -18).
     The payouts are 2 to 1 as the odds of winning is higher.
  • “Red/Black bet” – It is a straightforward choice which you either bet on the color of red or black display on the number, the payout is also 2 to 1.
  • “Even/Odd bet” – This is where you bet on whether the number is even (2,4,6,8…) or odd (1,3,5,7…), as usual the payout is 2 to 1 as well.
  • “Dozen bet” – For those who wants to win more in roulette in outside bets, you can choose betting on “1st 12” which is numbers from 1 -12, “2nd 12” which is numbers from 13 -25, “3rd 12” which is numbers from 25-36. The payouts are 3 to 1 if you win.
  • “Column bet” – This is where you can bet on any of the three columns of 12 numbers which is display horizontally and place your chips on the “2-1” section of the board.
    The payout is 3 to 1.

With this information, you are ready to enjoy your game and even win good money if you are lucky.
But one thing to take note that unlike online roulette, you will need to wait for average of 3 to 5 minutes before the next game starts and sometimes even longer if the table is popular and there is a lot of players doing last minute “cash to chips” transaction with the dealer.

Also for land based casinos, you are able to make last second changes to your bet or place additional bets when the ball is still spinning on the wheel.
This is allowed until the dealer calls for “No More bets”.

For Online roulette, the speed of the game turnaround is around 1 – 1.5 minutes and if you are playing with a digital dealer and is the only player in the game, you can control when the spin starts at your own discretion. But most of the time, you will bet with other online players in the same platform or online roulette that is live stream with videos footage and human dealers in a physical roulette table.

While there are many benefits of playing online roulette such as free signup or deposit bonus and other perks when you sign up the membership. The main benefit is the convenience that you are play anywhere, anytime using your smartphone, tablet or laptop to start the game. Finally, most of the online roulette sites will offer lower limits to play the game as compare to most casinos which is unless you are playing the “live version” where you can view the dealer in spinning the ball in real time.

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