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Address: 5429 Carey Ave, Shepherd, MT 59079, USA

The Red Rooster located on Carey Avenue in Shepherd, Montana offers a full-service bar & grill with electronic gaming machines for a bit of gamble. Its full-service bar serves all sorts of beverages including your favorite beers to quench your thirst as well as cooling your down. Guests can grab delicious food and drinks straight from the restaurant.

If you need to gamble a bit, the bar & grill offers a selection of multi-game stations for keno, poker and line games. If lady luck is by your side, you can trigger the random progressive jackpots walking away with lots of cash irrespective of the amount wagered.

Red Rooster Montana features 10 multi-game stations for video keno, video poker and line games. The electronic multi-game stations are powered by renowned gaming brands and players can trigger the random jackpots during game play. The multi-game machines are constantly updated with latest and hottest titles.

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