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What’s the hottest game played online? If you guessed slots, that’s the correct answer. The popularity of this one arm bandit has grown leaps and bounds particularly with the massive variety found on the internet. Gambling portals including bingo, sports, and poker include a division for these machines that are proven to be a successful addition to their venue.

What is the Attraction?

In the wonderful world of gambling, there are two types of players; those who love slots and those who don’t. In this case, the majority overrules with a whole legion of gamesters who prefer spinning the reels vs. tables games While those opposed are saying it is nothing but a mindless game that requires no skill, the other side cheers in agreeance with a resounding response; “exactly”!

The biggest draw is there is no complicated steps, rules or guides to follow, instead slip money in the machine press “spin” and you’re good to go. There are no specific skills to hone and no beating yourself up for not making the right move. In a world that gets more complicated through each new decade that passes players can still rely on the simplicity of slots while at the same time not feel deprived of the thrill factor it provides.

Integrated Software Delivers More Options

Many online casinos surpass land-based properties due to convenience and broad availability. In the emergence of online casinos, a platform was built on singular software, limiting the number of games offered. While it attracted a large audience, it became more prominent when in the mid-2000s mixed gaming software merged-together in a single platform. It was a brilliant move that elated slot lovers with an assortment that outshined their local casinos.

Land-based Software Joins Online Platform

Initially only on online software exclusively delivered games to casino libraries. After recognizing the astounding success world-wide, land-based software suppliers wanted in on the action. Today there is leading software like WMS, IGT and Aristocrat that fill the lobbies with the same slots seen on the Strip in Las Vegas. This enhances the suite of games drawing in a larger community of gamblers who realized the same quality, variety and performance are available from the comfort of their home. Click here for our database of slots and browse through our list. Each slot is reviewed and rated.

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