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Blackjack is considered one of the easiest and most popular card games available in casinos around the world. As most people can learn within a few minutes which as long as the total card numbers are not over 21, you will win against the dealer unless he or she hit the “blackjack” which is one card of 10, queen, king or jack Plus and Ace card.
On the other hand, if you hit “blackjack” while the dealer has none or he/she has the total of 21. It is also considered as a Win for you.

We have only covered this guide page on the basic rules and fundamental knowledge especially for those who have never play any casino games before.
But for those who are more experience and wants to learn better tips and strategy on casino games, we will cover more later in depth in our articles for your benefits.

The below pointers will give you a Good understanding on how to play blackjack for reference.

  • As mentioned earlier, the main objective of this game is to get cards with the total of 21 points or close to 21.
    You will win the game against the dealer if your points are higher than the dealer or the dealer has “dust” his cards which is over 21 points.
    But do note the same applies to you if you “overdrawn” the cards from the dealer and exceed 21 points.

  • Picture cards of King, Queen and Jack are count as 10, the Ace card will be counted as 11 if you only have 2 cards but will change to 1 if you have 3 to 5 cards in total.
    As for the rest of the cards (2 – 10) will be count the same as shown in the cards.

  • Technically, there is no limits of how many cards you can drawn from the dealer but the minimum count must be 12 points and the maximum is 21 points.

  • As always, you will see the minimum and maximum amount of bets display in the Blackjack table and the payouts as shown below.

  • Blackjack pays 3 to 2:  This means that if you have a card of 10 points and an Ace card (total of 2 cards) = “Blackjack”, you will be pay 1.5 times of your bet
    (Example: $10 wins $15). If the dealer also hits “Blackjack”, it is considered a “push” and your bet will be returned to you.

  • Dealer must hit soft 17:  This means that the dealer must hit a minimum of 17 points count in his or her cards before declaring the winners in the game.
    There are times where dealer can choose to “stand” on 17 points or go further to hit 21 points depending on the player’s total card points against the House. 

  • Insurance Pays 2 to 1: This is an insurance bet which the dealer will offer you if his or her first card is an Ace which may be a “blackjack”.
    For example, if your bet is $5 and you are willing to pay another $5 on the insurance. You will win if the dealer hits the “blackjack” but lost your normal bet.
    But if the dealer didn’t hit “blackjack” but his card’s point is higher than yours. You will lose both the insurance bet and normal bet at the same time.

  • For players, you will have the several options to play against the House which is “Hit”, “Stand”, “Splitting”, “Double Down” and “Surrender”.

  • “Hit” – This is where you will tell the Dealer to give another card if you think your card count is too low and you want to increase the odds to hit 21. But bear in mind that if your total count is over 21, you will lose the game immediately.

  • “Stand” – This is when you decide your card’s count is sufficient enough to win against the dealer unless he hits 21 points or has a higher card count than yours.

  • “Splitting” – This is only possible when you have 2 similar cards count in the beginning of the game, which you tell the dealer to “split” the cards, you will need to place additional of the same bets and can play as a “2nd hand” which is played and pay off independent of each other.

    For Example: You have bet $5 and have 2 Kings, you informed the dealer to “split” the cards and place another $5 for the “2nd hand”.
    The dealer will issue additional cards separately from each other and the you will stand the chance to break even, win or lose both hands.

  • “Double Down” – This means that you want to place additional bets on top of the original bets the dealer will issue you only one card.

     For Example: Your original bet is $5 and your card count is 7 and 4 = 11 total, you double down and place another $5 to hit higher counts. If the next card is 10, you will win the bet. If not, you will need to “fight” against the dealer’s card to determine the outcome.

  • “Surrender” – This is when you decided to give up half of your bets and give out for this round. It is noted that some casinos may offered you early or late surrender.
    Early surrender means that you can opt to drop out before the dealer opens his 2nd card for blackjack while late surrender means that you can only choose this option after the dealer checks for blackjack and if the dealer really hit blackjack, you will lose the game straightaway unless you also have a blackjack to push for a tie.

In short, this is how a typical blackjack game starts whether you are playing online or at the actual casino.

  1. The players (usually up to 7) will place the bets on the table.
  2. The dealer will deal and issue every player 2 cards.
  3. The dealer will check his first card to see he have the potential for blackjack.
  4. If yes, he will call for insurance bets.
  5. If the dealer has hit blackjack, he will collect his bets from all the players and “push” for those who also has blackjack.
  6. If the dealer doesn’t have the blackjack, those players whom has hit the blackjack will be paid first for the rate of “3 to 2” accordingly.
  7. After that, other players will continue to play their hands and can choose to hit, stand, split, double down or surrender.
  8. Once the players have settled for their cards, the dealer will play his turn to draw the 2nd or more cards to his or her discretion.
  9. If the player has more than 21 points in his or her cards, they will lose the bets automatically.
  10. If the dealer “dust” his or her cards (over 21 points), the dealer will pay the winners accordingly to their bet and “push” for those who also have over 21 points in their cards.

Finally, all the bets will be settled after the dealer declares his or her total card points to all the players on the table.

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